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PRUNE2 is a human prostate cancer suppressor regulated by the intronic long noncoding RNAPCA3

Prostate cancer antigen 3(PCA3) is the most specific prostate cancer biomarker but its function remains unknown. Here we identifyPRUNE2,a target protein-coding gene variant, which harbors thePCA3locus, thereby classifyingPCA3as an antisense intronic long noncoding (lnc)RNA. We show... Full description

1st Person: Salameh, Ahmad verfasserin
Additional Persons: Lee, Alessandro K. verfasserin; Cardó-Vila, Marina verfasserin; Nunes, Diana N. verfasserin; Efstathiou, Eleni verfasserin; Staquicini, Fernanda I. verfasserin; Dobroff, Andrey S. verfasserin; Marchiò, Serena verfasserin; Navone, Nora M. verfasserin; Hosoya, Hitomi verfasserin; Lauer, Richard C. verfasserin; Wen, Sijin verfasserin; Salmeron, Carolina C. verfasserin; Hoang, Anh verfasserin; Newsham, Irene verfasserin; Lima, Leandro A. verfasserin; Carraro, Dirce M. verfasserin; Oliviero, Salvatore verfasserin; Kolonin, Mikhail G. verfasserin; Sidman, Richard L. verfasserin; Do, Kim-Anh verfasserin; Troncoso, Patricia verfasserin; Logothetis, Christopher J. verfasserin; Brentani, Ricardo R. verfasserin; Calin, George A. verfasserin; Cavenee, Webster K. verfasserin; Dias-Neto, Emmanuel verfasserin; Pasqualini, Renata verfasserin; Arap, Wadih verfasserin
Source: in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Vol. 112, No. 27 (2015), p. 8403-8408
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Type of Publication: Article
Language: English
Published: 2015
Keywords: PRUNE2
long noncoding RNA
ADAR | prostate cancer
Online: Volltext
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