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Subtype and pathway specific responses to anticancer compounds in breast cancer

Breast cancers are comprised of molecularly distinct subtypes that may respond differently to pathway-targeted therapies now under development. Collections of breast cancer cell lines mirror many of the molecular subtypes and pathways found in tumors, suggesting that treatment of cell lines with... Full description

1st Person: Heiser, Laura M.
Additional Persons: Sadanandam, Anguraj verfasserin; Kuo, Wen-Lin verfasserin; Benz, Stephen C. verfasserin; Goldstein, Theodore C. verfasserin; Ng, Sam verfasserin; Gibb, William J. verfasserin; Wang, Nicholas J. verfasserin; Ziyad, Safiyyah verfasserin; Tong, Frances verfasserin; Bayani, Nora verfasserin; Hu, Zhi verfasserin; Billig, Jessica I. verfasserin; Dueregger, Andrea verfasserin; Lewis, Sophia verfasserin; Jakkula, Lakshmi verfasserin; Korkola, James E. verfasserin; Durinck, Steffen verfasserin; Pepin, François verfasserin; Guan, Yinghui verfasserin; Purdom, Elizabeth verfasserin; Neuvial, Pierre verfasserin; Bengtsson, Henrik verfasserin; Wood, Kenneth W. verfasserin; Smith, Peter G. verfasserin; Vassilev, Lyubomir T. verfasserin; Hennessy, Bryan T. verfasserin; Greshock, Joel verfasserin; Bachman, Kurtis E. verfasserin; Hardwicke, Mary Ann verfasserin; Park, John W. verfasserin; Marton, Laurence J. verfasserin; Wolf, Denise M. verfasserin; Collisson, Eric A. verfasserin; Neve, Richard M. verfasserin; Mills, Gordon B. verfasserin; Speed, Terence P. verfasserin; Feiler, Heidi S. verfasserin; Wooster, Richard F. verfasserin; Haussler, David verfasserin; Stuart, Joshua M. verfasserin; Gray, Joe W. verfasserin; Spellman, Paul T. verfasserin
Source: in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Vol. 109, No. 8 (2012), p. 2724-2729
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Type of Publication: Article
Language: English
Published: 2012
Keywords: research-article
Online: Volltext
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