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Intraspecific Phylogenetic Analysis of Siberian Woolly Mammoths Using Complete Mitochondrial Genomes

We report five new complete mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) genomes of Siberian woolly mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius), sequenced with up to 73-fold coverage from DNA extracted from hair shaft material. Three of the sequences present the first complete mtDNA genomes of mammoth clade II. Analysis of... Full description

1st Person: Gilbert, M. Thomas P.
Additional Persons: Drautz, Daniela I. verfasserin; Lesk, Arthur M. verfasserin; Ho, Simon Y. W. verfasserin; Qi, Ji verfasserin; Ratan, Aakrosh verfasserin; Hsu, Chih-Hao verfasserin; Sher, Andrei verfasserin; Dalén, Love verfasserin; Götherström, Anders verfasserin; Tomsho, Lynn P. verfasserin; Rendulic, Snjezana verfasserin; Packard, Michael verfasserin; Campos, Paula F. verfasserin; Kuznetsova, Tatyana V. verfasserin; Shidlovskiy, Fyodor verfasserin; Tikhonov, Alexei verfasserin; Willerslev, Eske verfasserin; Iacumin, Paola verfasserin; Buigues, Bernard verfasserin; Ericson, Per G. P. verfasserin; Germonpré, Mietje verfasserin; Kosintsev, Pavel verfasserin; Nikolaev, Vladimir verfasserin; Nowak-Kemp, Malgosia verfasserin; Knight, James R. verfasserin; Irzyk, Gerard P. verfasserin; Perbost, Clotilde S. verfasserin; Fredrikson, Karin M. verfasserin; Harkins, Timothy T. verfasserin; Sheridan, Sharon verfasserin; Miller, Webb verfasserin; Schuster, Stephan C. verfasserin
Source: in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Vol. 105, No. 24 (2008), p. 8327-8332
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Type of Publication: Article
Language: English
Published: 2008
Keywords: research-article
Mtdna genome
Ancient DNA
Next-generation sequencing
Online: Volltext
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